With over 27 years of dedicated study in holistic natural health, Tishara is a seasoned practitioner in the realm of wellness. She holds the esteemed title of Certified Master Kambo Practitioner conferred by the International Association of Kambo Practitioners. Tishara’s expertise extends to diverse fields including Herbalism, Trauma Release and Detox specialization, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Energy Space Clearing, Spiritual Integration, and Life Coaching. Her innate gifts as an Intuitive Energy Healer were evident even from a young age.

Tishara’s journey has encompassed profound immersion in sacred plant and animal sacraments. Her training spans an array of detoxification protocols and nutritional programs. Through years of study and initiation, she has honed the ability to discern and untangle intricate patterns, offering alternative pathways to holistic healing encompassing body, mind, and soul. Her toolkit features a rich selection of natural remedies, dietary wisdom, and an array of healing modalities.

Within her safe, gentle, and confidential sanctuary, you will find steadfast guidance and support. Drawing from her own personal triumph over health adversities through natural means, Tishara embraces a profound calling to aid others on their unique healing path. Her deep calling and commitment to integrity, compassion, authenticity, and care infuses each interaction with an unwavering devotion.

She is humbled and honored to be of service. Her gratitude for the sacred Amazonian modality of Kambo is profound. Since 2013, Tishara has been wholeheartedly engaged with Kambo, she received a strong calling and clear signs to get initiated and trained to be able to become a bearer of its transformative power. She has received teachings from numerous Master Medicine Carriers, Indigenous Leaders, Elders and Authentic Shamans with deep-rooted traditional lineages.

Tishara’s aspiration is for everyone to bask in the profound beauty of the Kambo process that has indelibly shaped her life and the lives of countless others she has guided on their healing quests.

At the heart of her purpose lies a mission to catalyze global and societal evolution through enhanced individual well-being. By empowering each individual she serves, Tishara envisions a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled world, where everyone expresses their greatest human potential and flourishes unbound.

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