Kambo or also known as “Sapo” or “Vacina da Floresta” is a secretion from the Giant Monkey Tree Frog, scientific name Phyllomedusa bicolor. It lives in the Amazon rain forest where the frog secretion is collected by the Indigenous tribes on a small bamboo stick, then dried and wrapped in corn leaf.

The Kambo we use is 100% ethically and sustainably harvested from reputable sources directly from the tribes with great care and skill. The frog is always unharmed during the extraction process. It is considered extremely bad form by the indigenous people to harm the frog in any way, as they believe it could offend the animal spirits of the jungle, and bring about misfortune. Kambo is completely legal worldwide, apart from Brazil where it is forbidden to advertise/market Kambo in order to restrict biopiracy.


The use of Kambo differs amongst tribes but the main indigenous uses revolve around lifting Panema – when nothing goes right and nothing is good. Panema can be thought of as bad luck, depression, laziness, sadness, irritation, or negative/dark energetic influences, which attract difficulties and disease. They believe it helps their speed and energy during hunting. There are also many other ways they use it, as a vaccine to ward off illness, including: snake bites, fevers, infections, fertility problems, boost the immune system, increase energy, stamina, reduce pain, to cleanse, detox and strengthen the body, mind, and spirit.

Kambo has been the subject of almost three decades of medical research. This resin has been found to contain numerous bio-active peptides, which aid in deep healing and cleansing for many various ailments and conditions. Researchers believe these peptides cover a wide range of potential uses for Chronic Illness, Fatigue, Pain, Cancer, HIV, Hepatitis, Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, Depression, Anxiety, Vascular Problems, Arthritis, Addictions to pharmaceuticals/street drugs, Migraines, Fertility Issues and many others. Recent studies have shown that Kambo contains multiple antimicrobial peptides effective against drug resistant strains of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, parasites and virus, providing opportunities for the development of new and more efficient nanotechnological-based therapies for treating infectious diseases.

Kambo is one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial and anesthetic substances found in the world and one of the strongest, natural ways to strengthen the immune system. It also detoxes the liver and the intestines so it’s a powerful cleanser. Immediate and short term effects include enhanced mood, alertness, clarity, focus, energy and increased resistance to stress, tiredness, hunger and thirst. Kambo empowers the immune system, rousing the body’s defense systems to their natural functions so that existing health problems are improved or resolved and future ones are less likely to occur.

Although western research continues to examine Kambo for potential medical uses, native peoples have known for centuries that substance offers many gifts to those that use it. This cleansing process works on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level clearing our energy field. The frog connects us with our true selves. Showing us our negative habits, what we should avoid and what we could do in order to improve ourselves so we can break through these blockages and release these patterns so we can live in a more harmonious and authentic way. Kambô helps us to effortlessly unfold theses changes that we need to make, enabling us to live and think in our natural alignment. It establishes a spiritual management check in our lives, a ‘chakra realignment’, a psychological reorganization, from which the person changes their attitude, future health, and life.

Here are some potential effects and benefits of Kambo that have been described:


Removing Negative Energies

Known as “Panema,” Kambo has been associated with alleviating heaviness, depression, anxiety, lethargy, laziness, sickness, feeling stuck, not able to move forward, when bad “stuff” keeps happening, and other negative feelings like a dark cloud hanging over oneself. By facilitating a purging process, Kambo helps release these energies from within us and our auric field, allowing positive good energy to come in to renew and refresh us. 


Brings Good Fortune

Kambo is believed to attract good luck and positive outcomes, contributing to a sense of favor and positivity. 


Enhancing Resilience

Kambo may contribute to increased physical strength, courage, and endurance, empowering individuals to face challenges more robustly. 


Purification of Mind, Body, and Soul

Kambo is recognized for its potential to purify and cleanse not only the physical body but also the mind and soul, aiding in achieving a sense of inner clarity and purity. 


Releasing Deep-Seated Trauma and Blocked Energy

Kambo is thought to facilitate the release of deeply rooted emotional trauma and blocked energy, enabling emotional healing and growth. 


Heightened Senses and Improved Focus

Users have reported heightened sensory perception, improved focus, and clearer vision. 


Enhanced Mental Clarity

Kambo may reduce mental chatter and bring about a state of mental clarity, allowing for a more focused and tranquil mind. 


Reduced Stress

Individuals have found that Kambo can lead to a reduced sensitivity to stressors that once bothered them, promoting a more resilient response to life’s challenges. 


Inducing Peace and Calm

Kambo is associated with bringing about a sense of peace and calmness, creating an inner equilibrium and emotional balance. 


Holistic Balance

Kambo is believed to harmonize emotional, mental, and physical aspects, promoting an overall sense of well-being and alignment. 


Heart-Centered Focus

Kambo users often describe feeling more connected to their hearts and less overwhelmed by mental chatter, allowing them to be more present and loving. 


Heightened Empathy and Compassion:

Kambo has been linked to an increased capacity for empathy and compassion toward others. 


Restoring Natural Alignment:

Kambo is said to help realign individuals with their natural state, fostering a sense of authenticity and self-discovery. 


Supporting Fertility

Some individuals believe that Kambo may positively impact fertility, 


Boosting Immune System

Kambo is thought to have potential immune-boosting effects, contributing to overall health and well-being. 


Aiding Addiction Recovery

Kambo has been suggested to assist in addiction recovery through detoxification processes. 


For those seeking deeper insights or inquiries on Kambo, any of the other methodologies, or offerings a complimentary 15-minute phone call is offered to facilitate a thorough exploration. Feel free to connect at your convenience.

Personalized Approach

Tishara’s approach centers on precision. She meticulously scans each person, tailoring a customized treatment to the individual and the particular ceremony. This process is unique to you based on many factors:

Your Energy

Tapping into your unique vibrational essence

Your Hormones

Acknowledging the hormonal ebbs and flows


Your personal goals, desires and aspirations.

The collective energy

The combined energetic, emotional, intellectual, and motivational forces of the collective.

Frog's Energy

The frog's energy and chemistry when harvested

Your Chemistry

The chemical composition of your being.

Current Health

Any Issues, illnesses and/or infections

Energetic Environment:

The ambient energy of the space

Sacrament Composition

Chemistry of the specific peptides on the Kambo stick/points

Harvesting Influence

The energy and intentions of the individual who harvested the Kambo

This list is by no means exhaustive; there are many subtleties and factors, each adding
to the intricacies of the ceremony’s essence and your experience.

No two ceremonies are the same. Tishara’s insight and scanning allows her to see where stored traumas, blocks, issues, ailments, imbalances reside within you and where additional support is needed.. With this awareness and knowledge, she expertly curates the ideal arrangement of points, accounting for both their placement and quantity. This tailored approach extends to more profound, deeper focused work when desired.

You are always welcome to do standard traditional sit, which is a straight line of points
on arm, leg, ankle, back, wherever you feel called.

Tishara's training encompasses various studies and disciplines, among them: 

Meridian and Auricular Point Placement

Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, meridians function as energy pathways through the body. Each energetic channel relates to an organ, system, function and emotional issue in the body. The ear, considered to be a microcosm of the body, contains acupuncture points corresponding to different organs, systems and emotions as well.


Chakras are powerful energy centers of our body. Our system comprises of 7 principal energy centers aligned along the spinal column that distributes Prana (life energy) throughout the body. If energy is imbalanced in one or more of these chakras, that area manifests as a struggle in life:

7. Crown – Our ability to be fully connected spiritually.
6. Third Eye – Our ability to focus on and see the big picture.
5. Throat – Our ability to communicate.
4. Heart – Our ability to give and receive love.
3. Solar Plexus – Our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives.
2. Sacrum – Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences
1. Root – Our foundation, feeling safe, secure and grounded. 

For those seeking deeper insights or inquiries on Kambo, any of the other methodologies, or offerings a complimentary 15-minute phone call is offered to facilitate a thorough exploration. Feel free to connect at your convenience.


The Kambo secretion contains a complex mixture of peptides and other bioactive  compounds that are believed to have various effects.

Some of the peptides found in Kambo and their potential functions, uses, and benefits include:



This peptide acts as a strong stimulant of the adrenal cortex and pituitary gland, potentially affecting hormone levels and stress response. It may also have analgesic properties.



This peptide has been found to interact with the nervous system and stimulate the release of neurotransmitters. It might play a role in pain relief and could have potential applications in pain management.



This peptide has vasodilatory effects, meaning it could widen blood vessels and potentially affect blood pressure regulation.



Dermaseptins are a family of antimicrobial peptides that can help defend
against bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. They have been studied for their potential
in treating various skin conditions.



 Like dermaseptins, phylloxins are antimicrobial peptides that might contribute to the frog’s natural defense against pathogens.



 These peptides have been studied for their potential pain-relieving  properties. They interact with opioid receptors and may have analgesic effects.



These peptides have anti-inflammatory properties and might contribute to the overall anti-inflammatory effects attributed to Kambo.



 This peptide is known to influence the release of stress hormones like corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH), which could impact stress response and mood regulation



 Caerulein is a peptide that affects digestion and gastrointestinal functions. It can stimulate the release of digestive enzymes and might have implications for
digestive health. 


Kambo is administered by heating up a small stick that is then used to apply several burn points to the superficial layer of the skin. These are called gates, where the Kambo dots are applied onto these surface openings. There is no blood. It is just enough to allow the Kambo to get directly absorbed into the lymphatic system. The points can be small or slightly larger depending on the session. We will discuss the number and position of the points depending on your individual needs, there is no set number. The same points are reused if you have a series of them in the same session. All first time users will be tested for sensitivity before points are applied.


We will schedule a call to discuss the details, address any health concerns, review your current medications and supplements, and answer any questions you might have. It’s important to maintain a healthy diet. In the days leading up to the session, focus on consuming wholesome foods. While it’s not mandatory, try to avoid fried and heavily processed foods. Reduce your intake of salt, sugar, oil, alcohol, and recreational drugs. Hydrate yourself with electrolyte-rich water to assist your body in preparing. Take time to rest and relax. Consider writing down your intentions and clarifying your desired outcomes from this experience.

Please do not water or dry fast 5 days before/after Kambo or do any colonics/enemas 3 days before/after. No saunas, sweat lodges, or hot yoga 2 days before/after. Do not drink large amounts of fluid/water the morning of your session.


Sessions are usually conducted at the Kambo Love Temple Space. If you would prefer a session at your own private residence or personal space for you and/or group, travel arrangements can be made upon request. However, please note that there will be an extra charge to account for the additional time required for travel, preparation, packing/unpacking of altar and necessary materials, as well as any travel expenses incurred, which may vary depending on the location’s proximity. To get more information about specific details and associated costs, please feel free to reach out and inquire.


  • One gallon of room temperature water.

  • Your intentions.

  • A Notebook and pen (if you think you may want to journal after.)

  • A yoga mat or a cushion, something comfortable to lie on.
  • A blanket and pillow.

  • Comfortable layered clothing for hot or cold temperatures.

  • If you wear contacts something to store them in.

  • If you have asthma, bring your inhaler.
  • If you are diabetic bring insulin, testing strips, and extra food if you may need it.


On the day of the session, it’s important to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Dietary Preparations:
    • Refrain from eating for a minimum of 6-8 hours before the session.
    • Hydration is encouraged; drinking water is recommended to stayproperly hydrated.
    • Bring 1 gallon of room temperature water; you may not need the entire amount.
    • You will consume approximately 1 ½ liters of water precisely 15 minutes BEFORE the Kambo application while you are at session.
    • Avoid drinking the 1 ½ liters before you arrive.
    • If preferred, you have the option of the Caicuma drink.
    • Non-caffeinated tea with honey can be consumed up to 2 hours before the session, as an alternative.
    • Should you experience hypoglycemia or difficulty fasting, we can discuss alternative approaches for your comfort.
  • Medications and Supplements:
    • Delay the consumption of medications and supplements, if possible, until after the morning session. If your session is scheduled for later in the day, you might consider taking them then. Feel free to provide more details about your specific situation.
  • Pre-Session Mindset and Tools:
    • Prioritize setting your intention for the session.
    • Utilize deep breathing and meditation techniques to prepare yourself.
    • Embrace a surrendered and heart-centered state.
    • Open up to the Spirit of Kambo with love and trust.
    • Releasing ego, fears, and any unwanted energies will help you to relax into the process.


Upon Kambo entering into the system, it will scan the body, targeting any underlying issues and initiating a process of purification and cleansing in those areas. When doing a standard sit, the impact of Kambo can be both potent and fast. A surge of warmth envelops the body, accompanied by an elevated heart rate. Sensations such as burning, tingling, throbbing, numbness, dizziness, spaciness, swelling, calmness and even bliss might be encountered. It’s important to note that individuals’ bodily responses can vary significantly. Everybody’s bodies are uniquely different and will react in different ways.

Subsequently, at this phase you will begin to release undesired toxins and emotional energies. This purging transpires physically and emotionally. Throughout this entire journey, you’ll be under constant guidance and support, in a safe, gentle, confidential, and nurturing space, with the utmost care. Standard sessions are generally 2 to 2 1/2 hours, with the more intense effects typically subsiding within 20 to 45 minutes. Please know Gentle Meditative – Microdose Kambo sits are offered. Tailored and perfect for newcomers/first time sitters who want to have a slow gradual gentle experience and even for seasoned sitters who would like to reconnect with the Spirit of Kambo in a sweet and subtle way to receive the energetic benefits – energy clearing, heightened senses, clarity, focus, centeredness, luminosity and lightness of being.

As a practitioner well-versed in Master Holy Fire Reiki, other energy clearing and healing practices, I will seamlessly integrate those modalities as needed during this profound ceremony. Additionally, the option of Sananga and Rapé is available to further enrich your experience

It’s worth noting that Kambo is NOT a psychedelic, lacks psychoactive properties, thus visionary experiences are not part of the process.

Following the removal of the Kambo application points, a natural tree sap is administered to expedite the healing process. While the burn marks will gradually fade, it’s possible that faint scars may persist based on individual healing and skin characteristics. Many individuals view these Kambo scars as symbols of honor. These same points can be reused after a three-month interval. Each Kambo Session experience is distinctly different, even with repeated sits.


Following your session, you might experience increased vitality or a desire to rest. You will be fine to drive after if you are coming to the Temple Space. However, for the remainder of the day, it’s advisable to allocate sufficient time and space for yourself afterward to honor your process. The true benefits of this experience usually become more apparent after a good night’s sleep, extending into the subsequent days and weeks ahead.

The days following your session, aim to maintain a clean diet. It’s recommended to minimize your intake of caffeine, salt, sugar, and oil. Avoid consuming fried foods, overly processed items, alcohol, and recreational substances. Additionally, if possible, steer clear of negativity, drama, and environments or individuals with heavy energy. By shedding unwelcome and toxic influences/energy, you create room for rest, healing, and embracing the benefits of Kambo.

Surrounding yourself with high-vibrational energy. Activities such as yoga, deep breathing, meditation, journaling, and spending time outdoors in nature can all be incredibly supportive. Above all, practice gentleness and self-care during this period.

Many individuals express feelings of tranquility and inner calmness after their session. They describe a sensation of their bodies having undergone a reset and rejuvenation. This newfound sense of calmness, strength, and clarity anchors them, making them feel lighter and better equipped to handle life’s challenges.

Many people say they feel peaceful and an inner stillness after a session. They report feeling like their bodies have had a reset and been renewed, that they have an overall sense of calmness, strength, and clarity that grounds them, they feel lighter and everything becomes easier to manage.



Kambo is completely safe when responsibly and properly administered by a trained practitioner. However there are a few people who can not receive it:

  • Have serious heart problems or who have had heart surgery. This includes a Pacemaker but excludes Stents
  • Have had a stroke or a brain hemorrhage
  • Have an aneurism or blood clot
  • Are recovering from a major surgical procedure with internal stitches
  • Are on medication for low blood pressure
  • Lack the mental capacity to make the decision to take Kambo
  • Have serious mental health problems, excluding depression, PTSD and anxiety
  • Are undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy or have done so within the last 4 weeks
  • Take immune-suppressants after organ transplant
  • Have Addison’s Disease
  • Have current and severe epilepsy
  • Are recovering from a major surgical procedure
  • Are under 18 years old
  • Have certain types of EDS
  • Are pregnant or maybe so or are breast-feeding a child under 6 months old.

For those seeking deeper insights or inquiries on Kambo, any of the other methodologies, or offerings a complimentary 15-minute phone call is offered to facilitate a thorough exploration. Feel free to connect at your convenience.

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