If you sense that the energy within your living space is in need of revitalization, indicating a presence of negativity, stagnancy, weightiness, or potentially lower vibrational forces, it’s essential to address the imbalance. When your home’s energy feels off-kilter, whether due to recurring negative circumstances, significant life transitions, conflicts, breakup, job loss, illness, or stress, taking action becomes important. This is also relevant when you encounter challenges in selling, renting, or moving into a new property.

All things are alive, pulsing with energy and are interconnected in our web of existence. The occurrences within your home or workplace mirror those within your life. This is why the foundation of establishing a sacred space involves the initiation of purifying rituals. Functioning as an intuitive, I attune myself to the energy of the home/business, the conversations the space holds, and through attentive listening, I aid you in the implementation of beneficial cleansing, blessing and supportive practices.

Your home should ideally serve as a sanctuary, exuding happiness, vitality, positivity, joy, safety, and a sense of security. To embark on a house/business clearing or crystal gridding your space, certain steps are involved. 



Before starting, we typically will engage in mental preparation through practices like meditation, prayer, or grounding exercises. Different tools such as herbs, crystals, incense, bells/bowls/rattles, candles, or other ritual items will be employed during the clearing process. 


Setting Intentions

Clearing begins with the establishment of intentions to guide the process. These intentions guide the removal of negative energies, fostering a safe and tranquil environment, welcoming positive energies, and nurturing spiritual well-being.  


Assessment and Cleansing

The space is carefully assessed, and various clearing techniques and materials are employed to cleanse it. This could encompass an array of methods. Following the cleansing, positive energies are invited into the space to replenish it and infuse it with good energy.


Blessing and Protection

Once the space has been cleared, I will do blessings and prayers to invoke positive energies and protection. This final step serves to safeguard the area against further negativity and to create a fortified environment. 

In essence, the process of house/business clearing or crystal gridding is centered upon recognizing and rectifying imbalanced energies within your living space. By aligning intentions, the application of diverse clearing techniques, and infusing the area with positive energy, you can transform your home or business into a harmonious sanctuary that promotes well-being and also serves as a protective barrier against negativity, thereby casting a positive influence upon every facet of your life, encompassing your health, work, finances and relationships. 

Pricing & Duration

For spaces up to 2500 sq ft:

For spaces between 2500 and 4500 sq ft:

For larger square footage, pricing varies based on factors such as square footage, number of living spaces, bedrooms, and entry doors. Feel free to inquire for a customized quote.

If you’re interested in connecting and delving into further details, reach out to arrange your 15-minute complimentary exploration phone call.

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