They say the frog calls to you, so listen to your heart and will know. Theses sacred modalities are powerful, profoundly healing and cleansing in a Divine and Miraculous way.


Each sessions provide a transformative experience that ranges from approximately 2 hours for private sessions, extending up to 2 ½ to 3 hours for group settings. For those seeking the immersive Jungle Style encounter, the duration is about 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

What's Included:


A nurturing and protective environment.


Sacred tobacco for additional support.

Caicuma Drink

Enhancing the experience.
(optional, based on preference/request):

Holy Fire Reiki:

Channeling healing energies.


Guidance to incorporate insights into daily life.

Tea and Fruit or Soup

Nourishment after the session.




Sacred eye drops

Ceremonial Materials

Enriching the ritual and ambiance.

Applied Kinesiology

Holistic healing technique.

Other Supportive Healing Practices

Tailored to your needs, including pre-consultation and post-follow-up care.

A portion of the proceeds from each treatment directly supports indigenous tribes, aiding their communities, and contributing to rainforest preservation—the very source of Kambo and these sacred traditions.

Throughout the process, you will be completely guided and assisted in a safe, gentle, supportive, confidential, protected space with the utmost care during the entire process. Your safety, comfort, and confidentiality are paramount.

Tishara’s approach blends diverse traditional indigenous tribal methods as well as she is trained to administer Kambo working with the Meridians, Chakras, and Auricular (ear acupuncture points) Therapy. Gentle Mediative/Energetic Release Point Kambo Therapy is also offered, allowing for different options that meet you where you are at to allow for a unique personalized experience.


3 SIts Within A Moon Cycle/30 Days: Certain indigenous groups suggest that for those embarking on their initial journey or seeking a comprehensive rejuvenation, a sequence of three sessions over a lunar cycle or 30 days is recommended. This rhythm facilitates a thorough revitalization of both the energetic and physical aspects, given the cumulative nature of Kambo. With each successive session, the effects of the prior sit are amplified, delving deeper into layers and elevating all bodily systems.This progression is termed an Inoculation, a transformative process that will continue to give benefits, subtly unfolding over weeks to even months as integration occurs.

It is a life changing and enriching experience. It is considered a reset on all levels – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Highly recommended for first time sitters. However, substantial benefits and a purifying experience is still received from individual sessions. Should you feel drawn or have any questions, I am open to extending this dialogue and exploring the Inoculation further.



Tailored especially for first-time sitters who would like more personal attention. If you seek dedicated one-on-one support, prefer the comfort of your own surroundings/space, or have a multitude of specific matters you aim to address, a private session is recommended.


If wanting to sit privately with family/friends/spouse. Can arrange your own private group sit.


Microdose Sit- Tailored and perfect for newcomers/first time sitters who want to have a slow gradual gentle experience and even for seasoned sitters who would like to reconnect with the Spirit of Kambo in a sweet and subtle way to receive the energetic benefits – energy clearing, heightened senses, clarity, focus, centeredness, luminosity and lightness of being.

You will NOT feel the more intense purging effects. Usually only 1 gate will be opened. A lighter measured dosage of Kambo shall be administered, fostering an opportunity to bask in the embrace of this beautiful sacrament in a gentle way while still receiving its benefits.

A complementary tapestry of therapeutic supportive methods stand ready to fortify your journey – the healing energy of Holy Fire Reiki, the harmonious resonance of Sound Bowls, the embrace of potent Essential Herbal Oils/Sprays, and Plant/Resin smoke smudging purification. All harmonized alongside Energetic Cord Cutting and a symphony of other nurturing tools and techniques. (Available upon request within our open group gatherings). 


Requiring detoxification from potent pharmaceuticals, illicit substances, and alcohol. This process entails a more intricate intake, necessitating additional attention and assistance. 


Join us in the company of fellow froglets as we gather in a small, intimate setting. Our aim is to maintain a cozy group size, typically comprising 3 to 7 individuals. This ensures that each participant receives the dedicated space, care, and attention they deserve. Multiple dates are offered throughout the month to accommodate various schedules. You can explore the available dates for the upcoming month in our monthly schedule here 


Should the listed dates for our open group circle ceremonies not align with your availability, kindly inform us. We’ll gladly keep you informed about other potential dates that might work for you. Alternatively, feel free to share your preferred dates, and we can explore options that suit your schedule. Keep in mind that there are often additional sessions not publicly posted, especially for frogglets in the midst of their Inoculation process. This process involves participating in 3 sessions within a lunar cycle or 30 days to fully engage in the transformative experience. 


In order to enhance accessibility, convenience, and affordability for all participants, we are introducing 1-3 exclusive sessions per month tailored to individuals who are already familiar with Kambó and do not require guidance through the logistical aspects or details. These sessions delve right into the transformative work. You have the flexibility to choose a time between 11 am and 6 pm on the designated day. 

Our sessions mirror the authentic Amazonian approach to administering Kambó. The session includes the application of Kambó, the use of Rape’, Sananga’, the optional Caicuma Drink (upon request), ceremonial materials, a Scan/Applied Kinesiology assessment, a contribution to the indigenous tribes, as well as at close serving of tea and fruit or soup. The session duration is streamlined to approximately 1 to 1 hour 15 minutes, providing a focused and potent experience, as opposed to the longer 2 1/2 – 3 hour group ceremonies.

**IMPORTANT NOTE:** The OPEN DAY KAMBO SESSION is designed for a shared experience and not intended as a private session. While the space and care is held for you, please be aware that if you require personalized consultation, one-on-one attention, or additional support with processing, we recommend booking a private session or consultation. Alternatively, you can also consider participating in our open group ceremonies for a more comprehensive experience.


Our usual sessions take place at the Kambo Love Temple Space. However, if you prefer, we can arrange for sessions to be conducted at your own private residence or personal space upon request. It’s important to note that there will be an additional cost for travel sessions. This is due to the extra time required for commuting, preparation, as well as packing and unpacking of the necessary altar and materials for each leg of the journey. The exact expenses will depend on whether the location is local or out of state. To get more information about the details and costs of travel sessions, please feel free to reach out and inquire. 


If you’ve already undergone the Inoculation – 3 sessions and find that breaking through barriers and patterns is still challenging, if you’re seeking a more profound experience, and/or due to health considerations, you might benefit from concentrated sessions held in closer succession. Each session in this series builds upon the last, amplifying the potential outcomes. Kambo’s effects accumulate, delving deeper with increased interaction.

Kambo can be administered as a standalone session, a double 2×2, or a triple 3×3. If you’re intrigued by this approach, let’s engage in a conversation to determine the most suitable option for you.

The double 2×2 format entails an approximately 3-4 hour session. Over the span of two hours, Kambo is administered in consecutive rounds. The initial 30 minutes to an hour is devoted to clarifying your intentions and defining what you hope to gain from this intensified session. This is also an opportunity to address any recurring patterns that may necessitate attention for your optimal experience. After this, a 20-minute cycle of drinking water, Kambo application, and rest is repeated twice, consuming around an hour for each cycle. The process concludes with a 30-minute to an hour integration and closure period.

Alternatively, the triple 3×3 format extends over about 4-5 hours. Here, Kambo is administered for three consecutive hours. The preliminary 30 minutes to an hour serves to outline your intentions and align your goals with this more immersive session. Should there be any recurring patterns that require resolution, they are also addressed here. Following this, a series of 20-minute cycles involving drinking water, Kambo application, and rest are carried out for each of the three rounds. This takes up approximately three hours. The session concludes with a 30-minute to an hour period dedicated to integration and closure

These sessions are sometimes likened to a Warrior’s Initiation, as they provide a transformative experience that can empower you on your journey of self-discovery and growth.

If you’re interested in connecting and delving into further details, reach out to arrange your 15-minute complimentary exploration phone call.


The rainforest is being destroyed at a disturbing rate of 32 million acres per year. Percentage of all monies from each treatment goes directly to the tribes supporting their communities and helping save the rainforest where Kambo and these sacred medicines come from. If you would like to make an additional donation please let us know, 100% of your offering will go towards helping protect our environment, this special land, it’s people and animals.

They say the frog calls to you so listen to your heart and intuition, you will know. All of these sacred modalities are powerful, profoundly healing and cleansing in a Divine and Miraculous way.

*Tishara has extensive experience in addiction, tapering off pharmaceuticals/street drugs, withdrawal process, depression, anxiety, Lyme, autoimmune disorders, candida, mold/fungal issues, CIRS, fibromyalgia, EBV, chronic fatigue, and digestive disorders.

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