Explore the world of Sananga and Rapé through an immersive and enlightening journey with my private Master Class. Whether you’re seeking to deepen your understanding or learn how to administer these powerful Sacraments to yourself and loved ones, this experience is designed to provide you with the essential knowledge and skills. Join me in person or virtually for a transformative exploration into the heart of these ancient practices.

Sananga Immersion

A Profound Exploration – 2 Hour In-Person or Virtual Mastery
Experience – Investment: $333

  1. Tracing the Roots: Delve into the rich history and profound purpose behind Sananga,understanding its significance in traditional practices.
  2. Crafting the Elixir: Learn the art of creating Sananga, unraveling its ingredients and the intricate process that goes into its making.
  3. Guiding the Way: Discover the techniques for skillfully administering Sananga to both yourself and others, fostering a deeper connection with this sacred medicine.
  4. Nurturing Safety: Prioritize the well-being of all involved by understanding essential care and safety measures when working with Sananga.
  5. Elevating the Experience: Elevate your practice with best practices, invaluable tips, and techniques, while also mastering the fundamentals of creating a sacred altar.
  6. Embarking on Ceremonial Journeys: Equip yourself with the knowledge to host profound Sananga ceremonies for yourself, friends, and family, creating an environment of transformation and healing.

Rapé Master Class

Sacred Amazonian Snuff Exploration: An Immersive Journey – 2 Hour In-Person or Virtual Mastery Experience – Investment: $333 

  1. Unveiling Rapé: Embark on a journey to understand the benefits and versatile uses of Rapé, unraveling its potential for personal growth and transformation.
  2. Intentions That Resonate: Explore the significance of intention-setting and its role in establishing a harmonious relationship with Rapé.
  3. Sacred Tools of Connection: Immerse yourself in the world of sacred tools that complement your Rapé practice, enhancing your connection with this ancient medicine.
  4. Creating the Atmosphere: Delve into the importance of setting and setting when working with Rapé, ensuring a transformative and respectful experience.
  5. Administering with Care: Learn the delicate art of self-administration, sharing Rapé with others, and gracefully receiving from others, fostering a deeper sense of unity.
  6. Leading Your Ceremony: Gain the wisdom to hold meaningful Rapé ceremonies foryourself, friends, and family, cultivating an environment of healing and introspection.

Embark on a personal odyssey of learning and growth as you uncover the depths of Sananga and Rapé. Whether you choose to join me in person or virtually, these Master Classes will empower you to serve, connect, and hold space for yourself and your loved ones, fostering a profound journey of transformation and healing. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace the wisdom of these ancient practices and integrate them into your life’s tapestry.

When enrolling in a Master Class, kindly share a couple of preferred days and times for the workshop sessions. Once your choices are received, a confirmation will be sent to validate your selection. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to have a discussion before making a purchase, I extend a complimentary 15-minute consultation. This consultation is designed to assist with any questions that may arise.

**Please kindly provide your preferred dates and times you would like in the
notes section during the checkout process. Look forward to the opportunity to
connect and share with you.

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Sananga Master Class


Rapé Master Class


Sananga & Rapé Master Class


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