Authentic Native American Prayer Fans – Tan & Black


Authentic Native American Prayer Fans made by the Creek Indians.

The Ancestors believed that a prayer fan possessed considerable healing power. It would dispatch a prayer to the heavens and draw healing energy from the sky. These fans can be used in conjunction with burning sage or sweetgrass for cleansing or purification ceremonies.

Native American fans are a part of Indian heritage steeped in tradition and core beliefs. Prayer fans are considered a gift capable of healing the heart, making them popular as smudging fans.

Great care is taken to create authentic prayer fans, smudging fans, and dance fans.

They also make for perfect rustic home decor.

Prayer Fans have been utilized by Native Americans in the past to aid in the physical healing of the body. Nowadays, they are predominantly used for the spiritual healing of the soul and heart. Spiritual traditions and beliefs are woven into the very essence of prayer fans. Using them is thought to influence the physical and spiritual life of those upon whom the fans are used.

Like many other cultures, Native Americans believe that birds bridge the gap between the physical world and the world of spirits. Prayer fans are crafted from a diverse range of feathers from various birds, depending on the nature of the ritual or ceremony. It’s believed that the spirit of the bird is transferred into the feathers, thus becoming an integral part of the prayer fan. Consequently, Native American craftsmen are extremely meticulous in feather selection and fan construction

During a ritual or ceremony, using a fan conveys a specific prayer message to the Great Spirits in the Heavens above. A fire is ignited, and the message is carried skyward by waving the fan through the smoke. The prayers ascend with the smoke to the Spiritual Realms above. In cases of physical ailments, specific healing herbs are burned in the fire, and the resulting smoke is directed towards the afflicted individual to aid in healing. This practice is known as smudging.

The healing smoke is produced from various herbs. Sage is typically used first to encourage any negative spirits to disperse. Cedar is then burned, believed to refresh and cleanse. Sweet grass smoke is fanned to attract positive spirits.

Lastly, based on the ailment, smoke from different restorative herbs is fanned and directed towards the body part in need of healing.

Creating these fans involves a significant investment of time and care. Feathers must be thoughtfully chosen and paired together. Many individuals collect Prayer Fans as part of their Native American collection for display in their homes. Most acknowledge the care and sacred devotion that went into their crafting, and consequently, they utilize them for cleansing and healing of both body and soul. These fans are respected and recognized as sacred artifacts of Native

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