Sananga Master Class


  1. Tracing the Roots: Delve into the rich history and profound purpose behind Sananga,understanding its significance in traditional practices.
  2. Crafting the Elixir: Learn the art of creating Sananga, unraveling its ingredients and the intricate process that goes into its making.
  3. Guiding the Way: Discover the techniques for skillfully administering Sananga to both yourself and others, fostering a deeper connection with this sacred medicine.
  4. Nurturing Safety: Prioritize the well-being of all involved by understanding essential care and safety measures when working with Sananga.
  5. Elevating the Experience: Elevate your practice with best practices, invaluable tips, and techniques, while also mastering the fundamentals of creating a sacred altar.
  6. Embarking on Ceremonial Journeys: Equip yourself with the knowledge to host profound Sananga ceremonies for yourself, friends, and family, creating an environment of transformation and healing.
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