Sananga, a traditional eye medicine with origins in the Amazon rainforest of South America, is crafted from the root bark of various plants, primarily those within the Tabernaemontana and Apocynaceae families. For centuries, indigenous groups like the Matsés, Huni Kuin (Kaxinawá), and Katukina have integrated Sananga into their cultural and healing customs.

The preparation involves grinding or shredding the roots and macerating them in water to form an eye drop solution. Administered via a small dropper, this process induces a brief intense discomfort, including eye burning and tearing. Indigenous communities perceive this discomfort as a conduit for cleansing the eyes and fostering therapeutic effects.


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Sananga serves multiple traditional purposes:


Spiritual and Shamanic Practices

 Indigenous tribes incorporate Sananga into spiritual and shamanic rituals, believing it purifies both eyes and body, enhancing both physical and spiritual perception. Its use aids concentration, focus, and connection to the spiritual realm.


Physical Healing

 Sananga’s potential physical healing properties encompass addressing eye-related concerns such as inflammation, pain, and infections. Some users attest to its potential to improve overall vision and support eye health.


Emotional and Energetic Balance

Indigenous communities hold that Sananga dislodges energetic blockages and emotional baggage, fostering emotional equilibrium.

Sananga holds deep significance in indigenous cultures and is an aspect of their generational practices. Recently, beyond indigenous communities, there’s growing interest in Sananga as a means of spiritual growth and healing. These potent eye drops, sourced from the roots of the Tabernaemontana shrub, carry a spiritual essence that facilitates profound cleansing across physical, emotional, and energetic levels. 

Energetically, Sananga stimulates inner sight and activates the third eye, cleansing and aligning chakras and auras, while dispelling negativity and mental confusion. It harmonizes the body’s energy field, often releasing deep-seated trauma. Its benefits extend to optical health, sharpening vision, awareness, and extrasensory perception. Similar to Rapé, Sananga purifies and aligns on both molecular and cellular tiers.

Many users note heightened vision accuracy and overall physical and energetic improvements post-Sananga use. These sacred eye drops, directly sourced from Amazonian Indigenous Tribes, facilitate profound inner cleansing.

I provide Sananga available for purchase, allowing people to experience the benefits of this potent plant sacrament on their own. I offer a Gentle blend tailored for newcomers or those with sensitive eyes, as well as a Moderate and a Strong blend for those seeking a more intense experience.


5ml glass vials enriched with the essence of love, heartfelt intentions, and the transformative energy of Holy Fire Reiki.

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Recommended Dosage & Usage Instructions:

Each bottle contains 5ml of Sananga solution.

Suggested usage involves using Sananga eye drops once or twice a week, and potentially more often in cases of chronic eye or vision conditions, targeted concerns, if looking to work with it deeper, and/or for lifting Panema.

There is a traditional approach involving a Sananga diet, where the drops are administered daily for a consecutive 21-day period. For those considering intensive usage, doing a dieta, take a two-week break in between each three-week “diet” cycle. This pause allows your eyes ample time to adapt and integrate the effects before a reassessment on progress

If you utilize contact lenses, you will want to remove them prior to application. Can put them back in about 30-45 minutes after. It is essential not to consume Sananga orally. Store in the refrigerator. Generally, do not leave out more than 3 days. Its shelf life spans from 3 to 6 months. Slight sedimentation may occur at the bottle’s bottom, which is the natural separation of the solid particles and liquid contents. Be sure to shake the bottle well before using. If you detect an unusual odor upon opening the bottle, refrain from using it. Likewise, if you observe any unfamiliar objects or fungal growth floating in the liquid, it’s best not to use it.

Allocate a minimum of 15 uninterrupted minutes to establish a ceremonial setting. This involves invoking the spirits, playing ceremonial music of your preference, engaging in prayer, and setting an intention to cleanse and heal energies that no longer serve you. Connect and express gratitude to the spirit of Sananga and the indigenous tribes associated with its creation.

Begin by reclining in a comfortable position. Gently administer the solution to the corner of each eye. You can either keep eye open, drop directly in or keep eyes closed put in the corners, blinking the eyes, rotating head from left to right, working the Sananga into the whole eye.

Administer to one eye directly after the other in order to maintain balanced energy within the eyes.

After application, blink your eyes to ensure thorough distribution of the solution across the entire eye surface.

Following administration, you will experience a brief period of stinging and burning sensations in your eyes. This sensation is normal and will gradually subside after a short duration 2-5 minutes then will feel the peaceful calming effects.

Working with your breath to navigate through this intense phase, allowing yourself to surrender to the effects, connect with your intentions/prayers and with the spirit of Sananga.

They say the burning is where the light and healing enters. It is possible that you might release by purging or tears as the Sananga works to release stagnant energies and potential ailments. There’s no need for concern; these reactions signify that it is effectively addressing and dislodging blocked energies within you and your energetic field. Embrace this as a positive occurrence and express gratitude for the transformative process.

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