Tishara’s guidance, along with Kambo, Sananga and Rapé, helped to ease my suffering from longstanding physical and emotional pain. Tishara is knowledgeable, authentic, kind and extremely empathetic and compassionate. I would greatly recommend her services to anyone seeking to overcome physical, mental, and emotional pain. Kambo, Sananga and Rapé are powerful modalities that will help facilitate the breakthrough needed in order to overcome one’s obstacles and step into one’s true authentic self.

Joseph Michael

Kambo session with Tishara Cousino in Las Vegas, NV presents a perfect example of how indigenous modalities can be administered properly, away from the environment of the cultures who regularly use them. Directly affiliated with these tribes of the Amazon and deeply connected to the spirits of these sacred modalities, Tishara demonstrates a level of respect for Kambo, Rapé/Hapé, and Sananga required for the successful administration. Incidentally, her vast knowledge reflects an immense amount of experience with each of these modalities both personally and with many clients. She fully prepares clients for what to expect while answering any questions that may arise before, during, and after. Her ability to dispel any clients' anxieties as they occur not only presents her true caring nature, but also her ability to counsel any clients who show any signs of doubt of choosing to go through with the intense process. Also each session is fully customized to fit each individual case and through her astounding clairvoyance, she can assist in determining what is the best possible route for clients to take if they are unsure.

She provides an extremely comfortable experience and maintains this level of comfort for her clients throughout the often difficult and intense effects of the session. After cleansing by smudging her clients' auras and energies, the session begins. Starting with Sananga, she guides you through the intense burning of the eyes that follows assuring you that it is a natural reaction as it removes panema or negative energies.

While Sananga is not required, I would suggest it for anyone interested in the best possible outcome of the entire session and because it is simply amazing by itself too. After the effects of Sananga cease, Rapé/Hapé is then administered which helps open the energy centers and facilitates the purging process. Again this part is optional, but it is more than worth it as it is also an amazing experience in that of itself. At this time at least two liters of water should have been drank by clients and then the previously decided points of Kambo administration will be prepared. This occurs by a slight burning of a layer of skin which is surprisingly not unpleasant because of the way in which Tishara calmly precedes. Then the Kambo is administered and by this time each client is more than prepared and without question. She administers a test dose on each client to ensure there will be no allergic reactions. Needless to say, this is after she screens each client by going over their health history prior to any session. Once it is established that the test dose is working fine, the rest of the points are covered with the frog secretion. The effects begin pretty rapidly and at this point the main focus of clients becomes purging the system. In what is easily anticipated as a dreadful experience, Tish is gifted at making this experience as pleasant as it could possibly be. If a trip to the bathroom is needed, she will make sure that the client gets there safely and be sure to check on them the whole time you are there. She never misses a beat, making sure her clients are 100% comfortable and safe the entire time.

Although intense at times, I received 3 Kambo sessions in a one month period, all of which were different, but more and more effective each time. I cannot wait to get another session from Tishara, and fortunately she has been kind enough to keep me stocked with Sananga and Rapé/Hapé until I can make it back out to Nevada.

Within months of my Kambo session with her, I finished my last semester of my Anthropology degree, which gives me specific insight into indigenous cultures and customs. Incidentally, it is clear to me that Tishara maintains a deep connection with the spirits of Kambo and the tribes who use them, but also provides a level of wisdom that could only be attained by working with these healers or shamans for long periods of time. If one is considering Kambo therapy, it might be most important to determine the true intentions of the practitioner. Tishara makes it evident that her intentions are based solely on healing and inspiring transformation in her clients. Although she refers to her clients as warriors for taking this journey, Tishara is the true warrior and even a guardian for the health and well-being of others for the sake of humanity. Tishara's approach to using these modalities is a Rite of Passage and that will easily change one's outlook on life for the better.

Jordan Kreager

I've done kambo 5 times with Tishara and it has been a humbling experience. The kambo has helped me to stay off $700 a month antiviral medications for my herpes virus, it has controlled and helped take away my alcohol cravings and it also detoxed my body from consumption. I feel amazing after Kambo and it has been a different experience every time, depending on what I'm going through. I love and trust Tishara for holding space for me and helping me move with this amazing South American modality. I feel so down to earth and like all is well after a session and the effects of that feeling lasts, like an after glow effect. To me, Kambo is a very deepening cleansing and spiritual experience.


I was introduced to Tishara in October of 2016 while I was living at Holistic House, a post Ibogaine drug rehab home. My session with her were designed to help recover my body from the damage 4 years of methamphetamine abuse had caused. I can recall specifically during the 3 sessions I had while living there she did a lot of work to purge and repair my spleen, pancreas, and liver….all of which were poorly functioning due to my years of drug use. I remember how comfortable Tishara made me feel the first time we met, and how much time she took to coach me through the process before it began. She was kind, gentle, nurturing, and knowledgeable. The outcome of my inoculation (first 3 sessions in a lunar cycle) was renewed energy, and an overall feeling of strength that I didn't have before we started.

Since the end of my residency at Holistic House, I've worked with Tishara another 6 times. Each ceremony she holds space for me is different, and each is perfect for what I'm seeking at the time. She takes time to council me before each ceremony, and comes up with a session to suit my needs.

When burning the skin, and applying kambo, Tishara has an incredibly high standard of cleanliness. She uses gloves, alcohol wipes, and sterile spray bottles so there is no worry for cross contamination of fluids btw clients when she works with multiple people. During ceremony, she is attentive, yet also allows me space to process through kambo. After we're finished, she closes the ceremony with a beautiful prayer, and always follows up with me to see how I'm feeling. She is truly a professional.

I have learned a lot about myself, about life, and about beautiful kambo from my relationship with Tishara as a practitioner. Something she said to me during one of our ceremonies was so profound and inspiring, I've been able to apply it to my whole life…. “If there is a space between comfort and discomfort, that is where you want to find yourself with your breath.” ….that advice has meant so much to me, and it speaks volumes about who Tishara is as a healer, and a human. Thank you Tishara for all you've done for me, how your work has improved my quality of life, and I always look forward to the next time we meet.


Despite anticipating a very uncomfortable experience due to the purging effects of Kambo, I soon realized that kambo can actually be a pleasurable experience. Perhaps this is where intention comes into play as it is certainly easy to see why people do not necessarily enjoy it. But the first and foremost important factor resides in the practitioner or administrator of Kambo without a doubt. Incidentally, I am eternally grateful for Tishara Cousino because without her amazing facilitation of this wonderful modality, I am not sure it would have been the amazing and effective experience that it was. Her commitment to her clients' well-being is made apparent upon meeting her for the first time before the session begins.

She has natural ability to make her clients feel comfortable at all times before, during, and after what some consider to be a difficult or intense experience. She does an excellent job maintaining this level of comfort and with her wealth of knowledge, her clients know what to expect during and after the session is finished. It is evident that she has formed a very special relationship with the spirit of kambo itself. She demonstrates true attainment that can only be achieved through experience. And her dedication to this miraculous modality reflects her deep understanding of this modality in its indigenous setting among the Amazonian people.

It is clear that she has formed a solid bond with the healers or shamans of the tribes and supports them directly. Even at the most intense point in time during the Kambo session, it is almost as if Tishara channels the shaman directly and can restore the client to a calm and tranquil state, which allows kambo to flow more gracefully throughout their body. It is also quite obvious that Tishara became involved with Kambo to heal people. I spent about a month in Las Vegas and had no prior plans of receiving more than one session of Kambo, but I knew that I had to go deeper into it before the first session was over. I was fortunate to receive 3 sessions of Kambo in a month which were all phenomenal and different.

I cannot wait to schedule another session with Tishara in the future. Kambo is an amazing modality, but the overall intention of Tishara turns this considerably dreadful experience into a mystical healing session that helped me to evolve by becoming more in tune with my own vibration, physically, mentally, and spiritually. If you are looking for someone to properly administer this amazing modality, look no further because Tishara's Kambo session is nothing short of a gift to humanity from the universe. Again, I cannot thank her enough because her service has proven to be a key component for me in overcoming the biggest obstacle in my life. Kambo with Tishara will leave you feeling free of harmful residual chemicals and energy, facilitating a rapid transformation that becomes noticeable as soon as the effects of the kambo fade away.


While I had a previous experience with this powerful medicine, and am blessed to have received it's gifts, I am honored to have sat with you. You're an accomplished and blessed healer .... Thank you!-

Sheri Martin

Soooo, I’ve been working with Tishara for 9 years now. I’ve been in the field of detoxing people suffering from substance use disorder and as long as I’ve been doing this, we wouldn’t have had the success we’ve had with treatment resistant patients as we have now seen, without Tishara’s mastery of this medicine.

There’s only so much you can do and that’s when we bring the “big guns” in aka Tishara. I say that because she never once wasn’t able to bring someone out of withdrawals or lessen them severely. No one ever wants to do this, but when I explain what’s going to happen, they step up. When Tishara actually finishes their session, they’re asking when can they sit again….and they’re asking anxiously. They understand that something is working on a deeper level to clean them out and restart their vital organs.

I work with a Dr with incredible bedside manner and Tishara provides that same care to everyone she works with. This is why we constantly refer out to her.

She listens to the patient. She scans what’s going on and she knows exactly how to approach each person and their individual needs. You would never hear of a Dr recommending this kind of treatment, and yet we work with one that understands that when a patient is “stuck” it’s T time. 🐸

We would not have had the same success if we were working with anyone else. Thank you For everything Tish. Ribbit 

Justin Hoffman

Best experience ever. I have done this with a few other people before and I will say she was the best experience I have had. I feel like a new person, so much lighter and happier. She is very connected and professional. I could tell she was highly trained. It was much more gentle then my past experiences but very affective. I left feeling the best I have in years. Thank you for the deep and gentle healing. 

Cee Rojas

I'm so thankful to have had such an experienced practitioner watching over me and guiding me through the ceremony. Tishara truly is a professional and I highly recommend working with her if your journey has lead you here.💚✨🐸 


I sought Kambo shortly after regular meditation practices because I felt blocked in my spiritual growth. My first session I was physically ill with bronchitis (for the 6th time in a year) and felt immediately better physically, mentally and spiritually. After my inoculation, I realized that my physical illness was due to suppressed grief. Kambo has and continues to heal and cleanse my mind, body and soul. Tishara provides the utmost kindness and compassion for those receiving the medicine by nurturing and holding space for each individual’s intentions and healing. Since receiving the medicine (Sananga, Rapé and Kambo), I have been able to discontinue some of my “western medications” and find myself able to connect on a deeper level with my loved ones. I am most grateful to the medicine of Kambo for showing me how to love and be comfortable with myself on all levels.  

Kathryn Scannapieco

What a great experience. A wonderful practitioner...and i'll be back! I felt in the best kambo hands possible 🐸❤

Steven Dumain

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